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“I loved all the places, but Chobe National Park stands out the most.  I loved the scenery, river, and the animals.  We were driving after seeing a herd of elephants, and u-turning.  Then driving back, we ran into the same herd of elephants in the road.  We got stopped for 30 minutes and we just made it back to camp before the gates closed.  Luckily, we had Paddy’s “world famous” spaghetti Bolognaise, my FAVORITE dish.  Then to top it off, a warthog came to clean up table scraps and keep us company”.

  • Ben, aged 9 

“My favorite place on safari was everywhere!  I loved Chobe Park with its fantastic river flowing through it, and I loved coming back to camp and having a camp fire roaring.  The food (especially spaghetti Bolognaise) was GREAT!  I loved going to bed and the next smell being bacon because Paddy had started breakfast”.

  • Natalie, aged 8 

“For our family of five, the Black Pot Safari experience couldn’t have been more fun!  Amanda and Paddy are great organizers who remain several steps ahead to assure that things go as smoothly as possible.  We never lacked for any comfort, and the equipment used by both our guides and the vehicle outfitter, were top-notch.  We loved the feel of real camping and the luxury of having someone else take care of the logistics regarding accommodation, vehicles, and food.  There are some things when visiting southern Africa that must be left to chance:  will the elephants block the road well past gate locking time; will the baboons roost in the trees overhead at night; how long will those tires be stuck in the sand?  There are other things that don’t have to be, and that is where Paddy and Amanda help:  is there enough spaghetti Bolognaise for the troops; do we have proper entry visas; is the water shallow enough for the vehicles to cross (or does Paddy simply want an excuse to get a little wet in the heat?) 

While the wildlife and surroundings that make Africa such a unique and wonderful place to visit were amazing, they were at times nearly overshadowed by the very real experience of being in the bush.  Our kids (4, 8, and 9) were well-cared for and always made to feel welcome.  They were given tasks to do around camp that helped them truly feel a part of the process rather than observers.  This was a very important part of the experience for us!  We were all sad when we turned our vehicles for home, but also extremely grateful to have had the opportunity for such a mind and soul-expanding experience.  After spending a year traveling all together, our time on safari with Paddy and Amanda remains the thing that comes up the most frequently at the dinner table and we know we have not been to southern Africa for the last time.  Life is, after all, about the journey.

  • Margie and Oliver