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At Black Pot Safaris, we want you to experience the very best that Africa has to offer. From your safety and peace of mind, to amazing wildlife and wild places, to unforgettable cuisine, camp ambience and overall group camaraderie and enjoyment, we are here to ensure that your safari is unforgettable. We’ve already explained that we like to recreate the romance of the pioneering explorers with our stylish camp equipment and attention to detail. We’ve undertaken to brief you on bush etiquette and share our wildlife knowledge with you. We’ve hinted at the gourmet meals you will enjoy straight from the fire in a big, black pot throughout your safari (which incidentally is why we’ve named our company after our cooking equipment!) But our promise to you is that when your Black Pot Safari is over you will leave Africa with a sense of accomplishment having traversed the open plains, desert and bush, and experienced the sights, sounds and smells of Africa for yourself. You will also want to return!