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At Black Pot Safaris, we only use the best and most reliable vehicles for our safaris. Your safety and comfort are our main concern and we used to only recommend the Land Rover Defender for our trips. Unfortunately since Land Rover ceased production of the Defender in 2016, we now hire from the Toyota 4×4 range for our clients. Times have changed!

Although we still proudly drive our Land Rover Defender (it is our transport, camp kitchen and recovery vehicle), we now offer you a choice of either the Toyota Hilux 4×4 or the Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4. We personally recommend the Land Cruiser which is exactly what you want when travelling in remote areas of Africa; it is basic, practical and reliable, yet comfortable and highly capable. Some of the most important features of the Land Cruiser are its suspension, low ratio 4WD, diff lock systems, ground clearance and load space. It is a highly respected safari vehicle in Africa which is why they’ve earned the reputation for being one of ‘The Best 4×4’sxFar’. That the Land Cruiser continues to prove itself in the most extreme and remote of off-road environments only adds to its allure

Our Toyota 4×4 vehicles are sourced from a leading provider in South Africa and we ensure they are fully serviced before your safari. Each vehicle is air conditioned and supplied with all the necessary equipment.

So, if you are serious about your African safari and game viewing then a Land Cruiser is essential. Especially as many of the most scenic areas and finest game reserves are only accessible by gravel roads or 4×4 tracks. Toyota has achieved legendary status in Africa and the Land Cruiser is synonymous with the unparalleled exploration and adventure that this magnificent continent boasts.