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Your meals are prepared using the finest and freshest ingredients available by our safari leaders once you have provided us with your dietary requirements. Then we suprise you each day with delicious meals!

Help yourself to coffee, tea or hot chocolate with rusks to start the day. This will be followed by fresh fruit, muesli or porridge and toast or bread with your favourite spreads. A thermos of hot water (for additional cups of tea, coffee or hot chocolate) and drinking water will be provided along with a picnic bag full of snacks to keep you going throughout the day.

When we are travelling long distances, it is sometimes necessary to snack from your picnic bag instead of having a catered breakfast. These days will be highlighted as ‘road food’ days on your itineraries.

And when the opportunity arises and everyone is in agreement, a cooked breakfast will be prepared for a late brunch instead of lunch.

Camp Lunch
Fresh salads, freshly baked bread, a selection of cold meats and cheese, different relishes and some refreshing cordial.

Camp Dinner
A mouth-watering dinner cooked in the black pot and served with fresh salad or vegetables. If anybody wants to join in, we welcome your suggestions, assistance and will even consider turning the black pot over to you for the evening!

Please note, that we do not serve dessert, but do supply a selection of biscuits and other sweet nibbles to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth.

Special Dietary Requirements
Black Pot Safaris are happy to cater for vegetarians and other dietary requirements upon prior arrangement.

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