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The concept behind Black Pot Safaris was born during the many thousands of kilometres driven through Africa’s heartland on overland expeditions. These expeditions provided the opportunity and time to assess the safari industry and what was perceived as a hole in the market.

The origin of the word safari itself means ‘to go on a journey’ and over the years the industry has been packaged and re-packaged to suit the wide-ranging and personal motivations people have for travelling, their varying levels of travel experience and their totally diverse expectations. Today you can venture into the unknown on your own or join a professional operator. You can spend a fortune or you can take a more modest approach. You can embark on either a long or a short trip. You can travel in a truck, a combi, a Land Rover, on horseback – even elephant-back – or on foot. You can canoe down the mighty Zambezi, float in a hot-air balloon over a sea of orange dunes at Sossusvlei or hike through the spectacular Fish River Canyon.

However, we found that the cheaper safaris (although delivering their money’s worth in many ways) tended to gloss over the importance of camp life as they rushed to reach the next destination on a fixed itinerary. We found that the meals served were functional as opposed to one of the highlights of the day and that many of the clients on these trips – depending on their age and expectations – were unsatisfied with the quality of the camping equipment and the large numbers of people in their party.

This was the hole that Black Pot Safaris found in the market. Instead, we promise to share our passion for camping, and every aspect of camp life, with you. We believe that a happy and atmospheric camp is as important to the overall success of your safari as the destinations visited and the wildlife encountered. We understand that a replete and well-fed guest is a relaxed guest. We know from experience that a few camp comforts make all the difference between having an ‘OK’ time and having the time of your life!